Project 'One More Wall Well Done', wall relief, First Building, Rotterdam


Martijn Sandberg has realised a site-specific artwork on the Southern facade of First, a new build project on the Weena in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The brick facade relief covers a wall surface measuring three and half metres high and twenty seven metres long.
A message has been left on the wall, written in relief with brick letters two and half metres high. A text becomes visible in the play of light and shadow on the brick wall of the building's side facade: 'One more wall well done'.

One More Wall Well Done

A wall has been raised, the job is finished. The bricklayer looks at the result of his completed work with pleasure and satisfaction and says with appropriate pride: 'One More Wall Well Done'.

'One More Wall Well Done' is a song of praise, a hymn. The artwork by Martijn Sandberg pays a tribute in imagery and language to creation and construction, and at the same time refers to the activity of the job, the realisation of the artwork itself.

Anyone listening well to the melody of the bricks resounding from the Southern facade, hears an echo. The name of the maker and the title of the artwork on the Northern facade reverberate in the sound and the sequence of the English words chosen.
Martijn Sandberg's facade relief 'One More Wall Well Done' is also a compliment, a homage to the artwork 'Wall Relief no.1' (1955) by Henry Moore, which is located on the other side of the building.

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Scroll down for photo and concept drawing of artwork 'One More Wall Well Done'.

Title: 'One More Wall Well Done'
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Location: First building, Southern facade, Weena, Rotterdam
Measurements: (lxh) 27.30m x 3.50m
Material: wall relief in brick
Concept and design: 2013-2014
Execution and completion: 2015-2016
Artwork incl. location: September 2016
Commissioned by: First Rotterdam CV, Maarsen Groep BV, MAB Development
Architect: de Architekten Cie., Amsterdam

'One More Wall Well Done', wall relief by Martijn Sandberg, brickwork, (lxh) 27.30m x 3.50m, 2016.
Project: Site-specific artwork, First building, Southern facade, Rotterdam. (photo: Peter Cuypers)

'One More Wall Well Done', concept drawing by Martijn Sandberg of wall relief in brick, 2013.
Project: Site-specific artwork, First building, Southern facade, Weena, Rotterdam, 2013-2016.

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