De Oude Weg Naar De Nieuwe Tijd

Martijn Sandberg has created an integrated artwork for the gateways and the floor of the new building project 'Spaarndammerschoollocatie' in the Spaarndammer district, Amsterdam. The artwork is an integral part of the building complex by Korth Tielens Architecten, Marcel Lok Architect MLA, and DS Landschapsarchitecten.
The site-specific art by Martijn Sandberg is executed as a brick relief in the masonry of the three archways and within paving stones upon the floor to the interior courtyard: 'De Oude Weg Naar De Nieuwe Tijd'.

'Anno 3025', Spaarndammerhart
Krommeniestraat, Amsterdam

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Make Love Not War

The site-specific artwork 'Make Love Not War' by Martijn Sandberg, forms part of the transformation of the former Tapijn Barracks (Tapijnkazerne), Maastricht.
The artwork figuration is incorporated in the paving of the main path, using bricks. It lies in the park-like surroundings of the former military terrain.
A never-ending 'canon', a 'refrain' of each time is written in stone: 'Make Love Not War, Make Love Not War, Make Love'.

'Make Love Not War', 2020
Tapijnkazerne, Maastricht

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U Bevindt Zich Hier

The artwork 'U Bevindt Zich Hier' ('You Are Here') by Martijn Sandberg, honours prominent residents, groups or places highlighting the character of District Amsterdam Oost in the twentieth century.

'Het Was Altijd Al Zo', concrete column
'U Bevindt Zich Hier', Amsterdam

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Silence Please Science Please

Martijn Sandberg has realised a site-specific artwork: an acoustic wall in the interior of the newly constructed Gorlaeus Beta Campus of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FWN), University of Leiden.
The artwork consists of connected perforated aluminium panels, covering the surface of the wall in the hall, vacant space and first floor of the building. The perforated artwork is twenty metres long, seven metres high and lit from within.

A sequence of words appears in the pattern of circles when the artwork is viewed from different sightlines. The words may be read in succession from left to right - but also from right to left, from above to below, from below to above and in diagonal reading order: 'Silence Please Science Please'.

'Science Please', 2017
FWN, Beta Campus, Leiden

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One More Wall Well Done

Martijn Sandberg has realised a site-specific artwork on the Southern facade of the First building, on the Weena in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The brick facade relief covers a wall surface measuring three and half metres high and twenty seven metres long. A message has been left on the wall, written in relief with brick letters two and half metres high. A text becomes visible in the play of light and shadow: 'One more wall well done'.

'One More Wall Well Done', 2016
Wall relief, First building, Rotterdam

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Van Hier Naar Daar

Martijn Sandberg has designed a site-specific artwork for the bridge at the Sint Lucas straat in the Bangert & Oosterpolder district, municipality of Hoorn.

A bridge from here to there

A bridge links one side with the other side; this side with the opposite side. Via a bridge we go back and forth from one side to the other, time and time again.
Over the bridge we traverse the distance between one side and the other side - in space and time. From far and near letters become visible in the pattern of the metal rails: 'From here to there'.

'Van Hier Naar Daar', 2016
Bridge, Hoorn/ NL

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Morgen Komt Alles Goed

A rectangular paved artwork by Martijn Sandberg, is an integral part of the Kraaipan Square at the Hofmeyrstraat in the Transvaalbuurt, Amsterdam.
Lines delineate a text in the paving, a hidden message to the square's visitors, neighbourhood residents and passers-by. Over and over again when seeing it anew, today and every day: 'Tomorrow everything will be alright'.

'Morgen Komt Alles Goed', 2013
Kraaipan Square, Amsterdam

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U Heeft Tien Bewaarde Berichten

Martijn Sandberg's site-specific artwork on the concrete wall in the entrance hall of the Synagogue LJG in Amsterdam, refers to the location in a contemporary manner.
While looking at the interplay of light and lines high on the wall, the contours of letters become visible. A radiant message appears to the visitor. A message from above. Art with a message - from yesterday, today and tomorrow. When entering and leaving the Synagogue. A vision for now and forever more: 'You have ten saved messages'.

'U Heeft Tien Bewaarde Berichten', 2013
Synagogue LJG, Amsterdam

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Het Wapen van Lochem

A façade artwork by Martijn Sandberg graces the Lochem Town Hall. A visitor to the Town Hall sees a concrete façade relief, built into the very frontage. The emblem describes the Lochem coat of arms. It arouses an association with centuries-old banderoles and modern banners.

‘Het Wapen van Lochem', 2013
Town Hall, Lochem/ NL

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The site-specific artwork 'Melodie' by Martijn Sandberg, is an integral part of the masonry of the residential block Couperus, Ypenburg, Den Haag.
The stanza from Louis Couperus' poem 'Melodie' (1886) is incorporated into the vertical and horizontal brick pattern of the façade, in dark coloured bricks in deep relief.

'Melodie', 2013
Couperus, Ypenburg, Den Haag/NL

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De Sleutel Ligt Onder De Deurmat

Martijn Sandberg's site-specific artwork is integrated with the communal corner stair belonging to De Zilverling tower building at the Colijnstraat in Amsterdam.
A secret message lurks among the layers of the concrete stair treads. A message left unobtrusively, for your eyes only: 'the key is under the doormat'.

‘De Sleutel Ligt Onder de Deurmat'
De Zilverling, Amsterdam

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My Last Penny

'My Last Penny' by Martijn Sandberg is available in a multiple edition, issued by the Vereniging voor Penningkunst VPK/ Dutch Art Medal Society.

'My Last Penny', 2010

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Fragile, Glass, Handle With Care

A figuration of dots is realized on the transparent glass of the gallery and balconies by 'damaging' the glass surface through sandblasting: 'Fragile, Glass, Handle With Care'.

'Glass Fragile Handle With Care'
Stadshoven, Purmerend/ NL

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I Will Survive

'I Will Survive' is a freestanding, golden-coloured sculpture by Martijn Sandberg, in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. It is located at the Mulopad, between the building LOC and the old cemetery Nijenstede adjacent to it.

'I Will Survive', 2008
LOC Hardenberg/ NL

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Forever in Stone

The site-specific artwork 'Forever in Stone' by Martijn Sandberg, is an integral part of the architecture of the district Olympisch Kwartier, Amsterdam. Steel clinkers form the pixels of a figuration in the brickwork of the planters, meandering along the plinths of the housing blocks throughout the district.
The artist allows the stones to speak. Those who listen, hear the endless song that is written in stone: 'Stoned Forever', 'Forever Stoned', 'Stoned Again' and 'Again'.

'Forever in Stone', 2008
Olympisch Kwartier, Amsterdam

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Pas op! Kunst!

'Pas op! Kunst!' Heralding art, as a work of art. Black and white letters flash like an alarm signal. What is going on, what's that up there? You only see what is blinking so insistently when you look properly: 'Watch out! Art! Watch out! Art!'

'Pas op! Kunst!', 2008, Almere/ NL

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If These Walls Could Speak

Martijn Sandberg has created the site-specific artwork 'If These Walls Could Speak' for the walls lining the lift shaft at the Amsterdam Public Library at Oosterdokseiland (OBA, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam).
The artist selected a range of titles from every section of the library's collection; he has compiled a typographic figuration from them, to be lit and visible through the glass rear wall of the lift.

'If These Walls Could Speak', 2007
Centrale Bibliotheek, Amsterdam

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Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?

The artwork 'Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?' by Martijn Sandberg is a free standing wall 4.5 metres high and 24.5 metres long, with the artwork 'Ben Even Weg', located in the district of Floriande in Hoofddorp/ NL.

'Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?', 2007
Floriande, Hoofddorp/ NL

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Ben Even Weg

The artwork 'Ben Even Weg' by Martijn Sandberg is a free standing iron wall 4.5 metres high and 14.5 metres long, with the artwork 'Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?', located in the district of Floriande in Hoofddorp/ NL.

'Ben Even Weg', 2007
Floriande, Hoofddorp/ NL

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Forever Young

'Forever Young' by Martijn Sandberg is a site-specific artwork integrated in the OSG Singelland College building in Drachten, The Netherlands. The artwork is in point relief on the entire facade of the curved building situated on the roofed-over central square of the school.

'Forever Young', 2005
OSG Singelland, Drachten/ NL

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Power To The People

Site-specific artwork, transformer station Hoofddorpplein, Amsterdam. In the dark and caused by street lighting or the headlights of passing cars, the reflective yellow colored letters light up very brightly: 'Power To The People'.

'Power To The People', 2000
Hoofddorpplein, Amsterdam

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We're Only In It For The Money

The project 'We're Only In It For The Money' by Martijn Sandberg consists of his own designed cupro-nickel coin, produced by the Royal Dutch Mint Utrecht, and the floorpiece that was realized as site-specific installation at SVB Bank Zaandam.

'We're Only In It For The Money', 2000
Site-specific artwork

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