Ben Even Weg

The artwork 'Ben Even Weg' by Martijn Sandberg is a free standing iron wall 4.5 metres high and 14.5 metres long, with the artwork 'Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?' *), located in the district of Floriande in Hoofddorp/ NL.
While passing the artwork, a series of letters appears and disappears in the alternating of the railings of the fence over its full length. As if someone has just left a memo, a memento for ever in the trellis: 'Ben even weg' ('Back soon').

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Title: 'Ben Even Weg' ('Back Soon')
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Location: Dussenstraat / Hankstraat, Floriande Hoofddorp/ NL
Material: brown coated steel, precast concrete
Measurements: (lxh) 14.5m x 4.5m
Concept and design: 2005
Final design: March 2006
Realisation: 2006-2007
Completion: 2007
Commissioned by: Bouwfonds MAB (Municipal Building Fund MAB), Haarlem/ NL and District of Haarlemmermeer, Hoofddorp/ NL

*) 'Hello, Is Anybody There?'

'Ben Even Weg', screen 2, Martijn Sandberg, 2007. Size: (lxh) 14.5m x 4.5m.
Project 'Two Screens'. Location: Floriande, Hoofddorp/ NL. (photo: Martijn Sandberg)

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