My Adventures Under Ground

In 1985, Martijn Sandberg issued the music cassette 'My Adventures Under Ground' on the Decay Int label, The Netherlands. This release contained six compositions (1982-1984) by Martijn Sandberg that ''originate from experimenting with prepared piano and prepared guitar in search of new, exciting sounds reminiscent of metal and machines.'' (From: release announcement, Decay Int, 1985)

01. Lied Ohne Worte
02. Zonder Titel
03. EtcUswEnz I
04. Untitled
05. Ohne Titel
06. EtcUswEnz II

Out of stock and hard to find, sections of 'My Adventures Under Ground' are presently circulating in digitalised form on the internet.
Information on the original release can e.g. be found here in the SONM Archive collection (Sound Archive Of Experimental Music And Sound Art), Spain:

''Pieces for prepared piano & prepared guitar. Really percussive, rhythm-heavy stuff. Starts off intense and kind of industrial, moves onto some complicated dissonant harmonies and lots of discordant non-musical sounds. A very vibrant, lively record; reminds me a lot of Victoria Jordanova or Derek Bailey, if they played less notes. Avant-garde for dancing.'' -, review, 26 Feb 2016

For recent music by Martijn Sandberg, click here for an online selection, located in the website section 'music', or visit the following page on Soundcloud:

'My Adventures Under Ground', sleeve of music edition by Martijn Sandberg, 1985. Decay Int./ NL.

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