'Typo Safari', film documentary and book publication, Jan 2017

The brick letters 'Forever Stoned' from Martijn Sandberg's artwork 'Forever in Stone' in Amsterdam, are on view in the documentary series 'Typo Safari', by French filmmaker Thomas Sipp. (Co-production: ARTE France, Les Films d'Ici, 205 Corp)

The complete series of typographic expeditions accross cities in Europe, with the episode on Amsterdam, guided by type designer Bas Jacobs, can be viewed online at the website ARTE Creative:


For episode city 'Amsterdam', see:


Click here to see online the documentary version (Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris) which was aired on Dutch TV as part of the programme AVRO's Kunstuur in November 2016. (Online for viewers in NL only)

Safari Typo Amsterdam

Based on the French documentary, a book has been released in the Netherlands, titled 'Safari Typo Amsterdam'. The booklet is a brief typographic tour of letters in public space in Amsterdam, presented by type designer Bas Jacobs.
Featuring a.o. the brick letters from the artwork 'Forever in Stone' by Martijn Sandberg, and letter forms by Piet Kramer, Reinoud Oudshoorn, Anton Kurvers, Janno Hahn, Hijman Louis de Jong, Rene Knip.

More about the publication: 'Safari Typo Amsterdam', ISBN 978 94 90913 66 3.

More info on the artwork: 'Forever in Stone', section 'public artworks'.

'Forever in Stone', 2008, Martijn Sandberg, Olympisch Kwartier, Amsterdam. (photo: Peter Cuypers)

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