A painting by Maarten Ploeg at 'Cut Painting!'

In 1985, I viewed this painting through the eyes of a teenager at a Maarten Ploeg exhibition in the Amsterdam Gallery Jurka. I saw the same painting again in the BPD Art Collection depot, as I was selecting art works from storage for the exhibition 'Cut Painting!'. The Maarten Ploeg painting now forms part of the artworks I have assembled on the walls of the Burgerweeshuis.

Faces appear and letters refer to the human figure in Maarten Ploeg's paintings. You might say that the canvasses are portraits of the paintings themselves, with titles such as 'OK-Head', 'X-Man', 'XYZ'. And the letters on the canvas tell the story 'behind' the paintings.
The motif on the square painting consists of a number of dots and coloured surfaces. The dots in the topcoat stare at you. This canvas from Maarten Ploeg's oeuvre is just as lively as the 'letter figures'.

Martijn Sandberg

Text from: 'Cut Painting!', digital publication (Dutch/English), page 24/34. PDF:

BPD Martijn Sandberg Cut Painting.pdf

'Cut Painting!' is the title of the online publication, published as a sequel to the eponymous exhibition in 2022 at Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam.
Martijn Sandberg has made a selection of his own works - the cut paintings - for this exhibition, as well as works of art from the BPD Art Collection.

More info and photos of the exhibtion 'Cut Painting!' can be found here, in section 'cut paintings'.

'Untitled' (1985), Maarten Ploeg, oil paint on canvas, 174cm x 174cm. (photo by: Adriaan van Dam)
'Cut Painting!', Martijn Sandberg, exhibition (2022), BPD Kunstcollectie, Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam.

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